The Turkeyologists name was born like most, from happenstance. 

A few of the  pro-staff were sitting around after a turkey hunt, telling

each other what they had done wrong that day, and someone blurted

out, “ who made you a Turkeyologist?!”  We took that name and ran

with it, first producing a series of 4 DVDs and finally takingThe

Turkeyologists to television in 2015.  The name doesn’t mean we think

we know everything about turkey hunting, rather, we are students of

turkey hunting and want our viewers to learn along with us from our

successes and mistakes. 

Most turkey hunting shows are filmed from a blind, because that is the easy way to do it.  Truth be known, that’s not how most turkey hunters relate to the sport.  The thrill of hunting turkeys to most is running and gunning and interacting with the birds on their terms.  That’s how we love to film our shows!  This is real turkey hunting exactly the way it happens.  We show the times we make the right decisions, the times we make the wrong decisions, kills, and misses! 

Our pro-staff is full of personality that all hunters can relate to.  Our guys stay light hearted through the toughest of situations whether it be in our home state of Georgia, or on a trip in the Midwest.  The majority of our pro-staff has at least one grand slam under their belt and most of them have been on film.  We travel every year to chase long beards across the country.  We love the challenge of stepping onto a piece of ground that we have never been to and trying to outwit an old tom!