​Jamie Wolfe

Corey is one of the original founders of our online show.  He has been filming hunts for over 10 years and has been editing video for over 4 years.  He is very personable and easy to relate to on camera.  His main priority when hunting, is to get it all on film…. Then pull the trigger!

Joey is also one of the original founders of our online show.  He also has a long history with a video camera in the woods.  Joey’s ability to get the hunt on film under adverse conditions is unmatched by any of the pro-staff.  As a very easy going, personable guy, he is a perfect choice for co-host of the show.

Jim is the oldest member of our pro-staff, but don’t let the age fool you!  The old man (POPS) knows his way around a camera and the editing program.  Jim takes lead on all of our online episodes.  He loves to take photos and he’s no slouch in the turkey woods either!

​Howard Pounds

Anthony produces amazing footage year after year - some of our most unique footage is thanks to him. If turkeys could buy life insurance, they would need it with Anthony chasing them!

​Anthony McEver

Jim Leben​

​Joey Tinsley

​Corey New

As one of the oldest pro-staff members, Jamie has seen it all in the turkey woods.  He has been filming his and other’s hunts for over 4 years and lays down some awesome footage year after year.  Jamie is a good ole’ country boy that is full of personality and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

Another one of our redheaded pro-staff, Howard takes turkey hunting to a whole new level. Whether it is shooting the decoy, wishing upon a shooting star, or performing one of his magical dance moves, Howard is sure to entertain. When he steps into the turkey woods, the turkeys better look out!